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Honey Bees and Butterfly Tour


Price: $10 additional/person


Price : $45/person       Duration : 3 hours



Honey Bees and Butterfly Tour | A1 Private Tours Boquete Panama

Honey Bees and Butterfly Tour | A1 Private Tours Boquete Panama



What’s Included:
  • Entrance Fees
  • Transportation
  • Bottled Water
  • Experienced Bilingual Guide


Boquete Honey & Bee Tour Highlights:
  • Honey Tasting
  • Educational
  • Flowers/Birds


What To Bring:
  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Rain Gear
  • Sunglasses



We believe in honoring the importance of bees and honey in the lives of men. Since pre-history man has revered the bee and the honey she produces. Honey is the real gold of the Panamanian Isthmus. Our honey is a reflection of the enormous biodiversity of the Isthmus.


A1 Private Tours Boquete is proud to announce the only and very unique Boquete Honey & Bee Finca with the newly added Butterfly House.

Staying healthy with Honey

Honey is one of the most ancient medicinal super foods. Pure, live, raw honey is very good for us. It enables us to enjoy the sweet tastes that our brains like so much in the way that nature intended and keeps us healthy.

Specializing in numerous rare and raw unfiltered honeys. Experience a world-class honey tasting at the honey house; this gives you the opportunity to reflect on the unique biodiversity that only Boquete Panama can offer.

Producing a healthy natural product. All our honeys are raw, bioactive and minimally filtered.

Educating and increasing understanding of the importance of bees to sustainable bio-diverse ecosystems. We focus on our tour on teaching people about native pollinators including the native honey bee.

Honey culture


History of Honey in Panama

We can speculate that honey has most probably been eaten in Panama as long as man has been here,  it was obtained either by:

    1. Farming insects, in much the same way that Indigenous Indians keep colonies of endemic stingless bees in structures like gourds hanging from their houses


  1. Foraging in the forest for honey insect nests in trees or buried in the ground. The comb can be harvested and squeezed to release the honey.

Modern beekeeping came to Panama with Hermann Gnaegi. Hermann came to Panama from Switzerland in 1937 with Nestle to the village of Nata bringing with him a beehive with Italian bees. History relates the locals often remarked “Here we have a truly crazy foreigner who keeps flies locked up”.

Between 1941 and 1965 Hermann worked for Nestle in Columbia. After returning, on 24th July 1966 he founded the Bee Association of Panama, partnering with a Cuban expert called Raul Lorenzo Luaces. This partnership can be considered the foundation of modern beekeeping in Panama.

Together, they taught a number of Panamanians about beekeeping including some of the leaders of the industry in Panama today. Their students included: Juan Malivern, Carlos Garcia, Bernabe Rodriguez, Ramiro Candanedo, Gilbert Johnson, Pedro Barragan, Augusto Sanchez, Rafael Quezada, Jose Pena, Richard Barnette, Yoldanda Sucre, Clotilde Gonzalez.

In the 1980s Gnaegi was able to make the first exports of Panamanian honey to Germany and Switzerland. Two hundred tons of honey were distributed in Europe.

At that time Boquete’s own Maria Teresa Ruiz was Panama’s single largest honey producer. With the help of government grants she had over 1000 colonies and had built relationships in the United States to export honey.

In the 1970s and early 1980s the business in Panama was thriving. Panamanian honey was gaining recognition in the world for quality and the future looked very promising. An example of this was the Corpachi honey, which won prizes in International honey competitions in Germany and the United States.

However, the arrival of the African bees from Columbia in the early 1980s changed the beekeeping paradigm in Panama. It was a huge catastrophe from which the country has not yet recovered. Almost 75% of the domestic producers disappeared unable to adapt to the new aggressive strains of bees.

Since the introduction of African bees, beekeeping has remained in the hands of relatively few skilled beekeepers.

We  design your tour  for entire family. Specially for those who are nature lovers and like honey. Lots of different types of birds will visit with you on your short walk around the Finca.

The Boquete Honey & Bee Finca has a great deal to offer, not just to the visiting tourists but also to the environment and the world. Walking through the finca allows you to understand the valuable role honeybees play in the grand scheme of things.

The honey produced there at the finca is varied in a multitude of flavors and some have even been tested for bioactivity. If you believe the phrase that “one person can change the world”, look no further. Here in Boquete Panama, A1 Private Tours Boquete can attest to just that.

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Meeting Place:

Our office at Plaza Lost Establos, please arrive 15 minutes early

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Experienced Team

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